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Malaga City Beaches


Location: On the N340 from Málaga to Torremolinos take the bypass to San Julian Gualdalmar at KM 232. You will find a road that runs parallel to the highway that leads to the parking,

Services: parking garage, chiringuitos, sunbeds, parasols, cleaning services newsstands, first aid., bus stops,

Description: This extensive beach, of 3500 meters in length is found on the periphery of A Golf club and Parador National. The paseo extends from Los Alamos to the river Guadalhorce. It is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the urbanised beaches. It has all the regular services, and disables access..


Location: From Málaga to Torremolinos, take the N340 take the bypass to San Julian Guadalmar at km 232, you will find a parallel road to the highway which leads you to parking, There is also adequate bus access.

Services: Parking, showers, access for the disabled, sunbeds and parasol rental, newsstands, bins, lifeguards, golf course nearby, it also has a nudist zone.

Description: This Extensive beach has maintained its natural beauty and is the least urbanized along the whole Coast of Málaga. Its 3500 m extends from Los Alamos and the river Guadalhorce, and a Golf course lies very nearby.


Location: It lies at the mouth of the river Guadalhorce.

Services: parking garage, showers,, fishing services, chiringuitos, bins, sunbeds, bus stop, highway access, newsstands.

Description: This beach has undergone great improvement in recent years, The Antonio Banderas paseo is well known as one of the longest in Málaga. The width of the beach allows for any beach sports, or just a long walk enjoying the fantastic views that the coast has to offer.


Location: Via the N340 the beach can be reached from the Antonio Machado paseo maritimo.

Services: Playgrounds, footbaths, daily cleaning, restaurants, hammocks, sunbeds, water bikes security, disabled access, bins, oasis and green areas, buses

Description: It extends from the river Guadalhorce and the Port of Málaga.. It is 2800m long and has fine dark sands. It lies only a bus journey away from the hustle and bustle of Málaga city so it draws a big crowd, Windsurfers enjoy the swell, sunbathers enjoy the green areas, and the kids love the playgrounds. The Paseo Maritimo of Antonio Machado is fed by many restaurants, and chiringuitos which serve the best delicacies, for reasonable prices. The beach fills up rapidly especially in the summer and on Sundays.


Location: It is found along the Malagueta way that can be reached by car or bus.

Services: Bus access, train access, watersports rentals, chiringuitos, showers, lifeguards security team first aid. Disabled access, restaurants, sunbeds, parasols, phones, bins, and changing rooms.

Description: One of the busiest in the area due to its easy rail, bus and car access and its proximity to Málaga city. It is an artificial beach with sands from the Sahara no less. It has a wealth of chiringuitos and restaurants on the Paseo Maritimo to cater for all tastes. It has extensive services and security for safety. Parking is only easily found very early though. It has a Yacht club on one side called Real Club Mediterraneo and is very near to Paseo de la Farola where the views are breathtaking.


Location: It is found alongside the Paseo Maritimo de Pablo Picasso.

Services: showers, bins, service of cleaning, highway access, newsstands, sunbeds, parasols, disabled access, and chiringuitos.

Description: It is found in the Estate of the same name, although this is a city beach, it is well cared and tends to all the family. Watersports are permitted which at times include speedboat racing, and there are great views of the dunes of the port. A perfect spot for a stroll in the sun.


Location: It is just west of El Palo. By foot from The Buena vista Estate between paseos of Picasso and Pedregalejo.

Services: parking garage, bins, beach security, lifeguards, cleaning services, local police.

Description: One of the busiest beaches in the twenties, but less so now, due to its lack of services. It is short at 340 m but still draws a modest crowd. Parking will prove difficult but easy access on foot from the paseo. There are area and beach improvement plans.


Location: From the centre of Málaga take the road in direction of El Palo, via the Paseo maritimo of Pablo Picasso

Services: Parking. Sunbeds and parasol rentals, playgrounds, payphones, bins. ramp access and chiringuitos..

Description: This U shaped beach is formed by dykes between the estates of Pedragalejo and Acacias, hence the name. It boasts a wide variety of services for all the family. The exquisite cuisine than can be found here has made it a favourite with the locals, even more so than the tourists. Although it gets very busy there is plenty of space for all. The parking can prove difficult though it is advised to leave the car in one of the estates nearby or take the bus.


Location: Signposted from the centre of Málaga.

Services: parking disabled access, showers, sunbeds/parasols for rent, watersports rentals, bars, ramp access, telephones, bins,

Description: Family beach of some 1800m in length. The spits on either side were created to minimize sand loss. It is very like the Acacias beach, together with all its services. This area attracts many fisherman and scuba divers. One f the most traditional competitions of Málaga coast finds its home here, it’s called Jabegas or the Dragnet competition. During the festival off Virgin del Carmen the patron saint of fishermen the beach becomes a celebratory centre. The multicoloured boats make for a fantastic view, alongside you will find the quadruple blue flag winner of El Cahnquete or Deo a beach of immaculate quality.


Location: It is found to the west of Torre Paloma.

Services: Parking, beach cleaning services,

Description: It is characterized by its dark sands and a big central rock, El Penon del Cuervo. Two sand spits divide the beach and provide it with shelter. A new promenade has recently been added to facilitate access on foot. Car parks have been added as well as playgrounds, picnic areas and a bike lane. A perfect spot for a tranquil stroll or peaceful dip.


Location: This beach is located between the N340 and the cement factory.

Services: Parking, chiringuitos, sunbeds, bins, showers.

Description: This beach extends between Torre Paloma and the Cala Moral. It has good services in its chiringuitos and is a favourite spot for local fishermen. It has a big rock that obstructs the views somewhat called Roca de la Paloma.

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