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Manilva - Malaga Beaches


Location: On the road N-340, to the height of the KM 138. Very near the province of Cadiz. It is advised to leave the car in the Punta Chullera estate, and cross over the elevated bridge, as there is no beachside parking and access is complicated.

Services: Showers, bins, chiringuitos with hammocks and parasols, toilets.

Description: The beach is surrounded by numerous coves formed by cliffs and rocks; it is nestled in a special landscape of rich ecological wealth. Its waters are exceptionally clean, for this reason underwater fishing is popular, fish including the octopus are caught to be put on a local menu. The beach has been categorized as “ecological and Nudist” due to its location. It is perfect for the beach goer that seeks to get away from all the hustle and bustle of urbanised beaches. The difficult access has allowed this to develop into a private paradise, which offers great protection from the summer breezes. On its western point a watch out tower still stands, called “Nazari. For those who are on the march, in the direction of Estepona you will reach the Las Arenas Beach.


Location: On the N- 340 take the exit toward the La Duquesa Estate. Easy access on foot.

Services: Showers, hammocks and parasols, newsstands, bins.

Description: A straight beach of a kilometre in length, with dark sands and moderate swell. It is surrounded by two spikes which form a little cove called Cala de la Sardina.


Location: Auto via N- 340. Puerto Deportivo La Duquesa. Parking.

Services: Showers, hammocks and parasols, newsstands, water bikes.

Description: A relatively steep beach that reclines to the sea.. It extends from Cala de la Sardina to the stream of Alcorrin. Until recently the old practice of sardine fishing called Almadrabas was practiced here.


Location: On the N- 340 take the exit toward the The Duchess Estate. Easy access on foot and parking.

Services: Showers, hammocks and parasols, newsstands, Bins.

Description: An open long beach of interesting landscape, although it is becoming increasingly urbanised with estates, buildings etc, it gets its name from the old cattle route that was used from La Canada Real to the Estepona.


Location: Beside Puerto Deportivo La Duquesa.

Services: Access for the disabled showers, Lifeguards, bins, parking garage, Volleyball nets and cleaning services swell and playgrounds.

Description: Beach of some 40 meters width for 930 in length, fine sand and moderate swell. It is ideal for the little ones, since it has playgrounds and volleyball nets. Another advantage is that it lies adjacent to Puerto Deportivo La Duquesa. Your day can be rounded off with a visit to this port, and all its facilities, including fishing, sailing, etc. Another point of interest is that the sea is zoned into sections and marked with dikes.


Location: On the N 340 to the crossroads between Manilva and Sabinillas. On the first roundabout take a left to the promenade.

Services: Showers, bins and changing rooms. Chiringuitos that have a hammock zone, water bike services, and easy access to the highway. Beach security and daily cleaning services are provided by the help of the Red Cross.

Description: A beach of a kilometre and a half in length, its sands are fine and grey in colour due to its volcanic origin. The waters are impeccable, not only very clean but free from algae and stones. For the fishing enthusiasts there is a specialized zone for its practice. The Chiringuitos offer a reasonable menu, 12 Euro for a plate of fresh fried fish and a beverage of your choice. The beach is flanked by a promenade of San Luis Sabinillas, where the passers-by can ride a bicycle or to skate before a dive, it also is very near the city centre and therefore counts on services, like supermarkets or stores, to fill the beach..


Location: From Málaga take the N 340 direction Algeciras. Just past Estepona there is overhead that feeds Caseras. The river Manilva runs to the west of it, and by this stands the Torre de la Sal, it extends from this tower to the edge of Playa de Sabinillas.

Services: Disabled access,, Boat rental, parking, cleanliness, chiringuitos, showers, security, hammocks, footbath, beach cleaning, bins, promenade, Red Cross, Danger signs, parasols, telephones.

Description: A precious two kilometre long beach, with tranquil waters and a fine grey sand. For the sea lovers this is a great attraction, surfing, sailing etc are widely practiced due to the moderate swells.The views from this area are second to none, one can see the coast of Sabinillas, the Puerto deportivo de la Duqeusa, and on a clear day the Rock of Gibralter.Without doubt, this is a key place in the town of Casares.

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