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Marbella - Malaga Beaches


Location: on the N 340 direction Cadiz, after passing the entrance arch to San Pedro Alcántara, take the bypass on the left, to the beach.

Services: Showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols, Lifeguards and first aid services, and a security team provided by the Red Cross and Civil protection agency.

Description: It situated inside one of the most luxurious enclaves of the Costa del Sol, surrounded by the golf course of Guadalmina, this beach offers the possibility to combine relaxation and sport. It situated next to San Pedro Alcántara, in a zone under archaeological protection where they have unearthed vaults and historic ruins dating to the third century. The sports offering themselves are fishing and nautical sports. On the beach windsurfers and water bikes are widespread. Two beach clubs and chiringuitos offer the visitor a wide array of typical bites at reasonable prices.


Location: on the N 340, direction Cadiz, to the height of the entrance to San Pedro Alcántara, to take the bypass to Avenida Mediterraneo take a right you can find parking close to the beach in a eucalyptus rich zone.

Services: Has showers and public utilities, jet skis rent service, bins, lifeguards and first aid services. Beach security is provided by the Red Cross and Civil Protection Agency in the summer months.

Description: It has the typical golden sands of the Mediterranean. Rich deposits of Basilica are found alongside called Vega Del Mar. To the north lies an area under archaeological protection, which adds to the traditional traits of sun and sand. It has two clubs and chiringuitos which offer a wide range of traditional foods and beverages of the med. Windsurfing and water bikes are found along the sands.


Location: In direction Cadiz by the N-340, take a left on the first roundabout to the entrance of San Pedro de Alcantara

Services: Has showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols, lifeguards and first aid. It has a paseo maritimo and numerous beach clubs and chiringuitos.

Description: Urban beach, regenerated, with promenade, which has many shops and restaurants and other services. It is a very pleasant beach with fine sands and moderate swell. It counts on all the tourists and locals in the nearby bars and restaurants to fill it when they have had a bite to eat or a drink. All the traditional drinks and dishes can be enjoyed along with the sun and sand. The free public playgrounds attract families in great numbers and great security teams give the parents the ability to bring their kids in safety. It can get busy but finding a spot is rarely too difficult.


Location: By the N-340 after passing Puerto Banus, Hotel El Cortijo Blanco. It can be accessed by foot and by car and is only a stroll away from the centre of San Pedro de Alcantara,

Services: This beach has showers and public utilities, Bins, security towers lifeguards Maritime rescue, and first aid services. It has a playground and numerous bars and restaurants.

Description: El Cortijo Blanco is a welcoming beach and a favourite amongst the locals, for this reason it is not categorized as a tourist beach. The sands are blond and there are some rounded boulders of volcanic origin, they come from the nearby river Guadaiza. The waters are clean and there is a moderate swell.


Location: From auto via del Mediterraneo take direction Marbella, just past the centre of town take the exit to Puerto Banus (is signposted). Descend toward the beach and park the car at the port, The beach is situated to the west.

Services: Showers and public utilities, rent of hammocks and parasols, security towers maritime rescue, first aid and lifeguards. This beach is flanked by a promenade fed by wooden ramps. Windsurfing kayaking water bikes and many more activities can be practiced here. There is also a beach club with a pool and various chiringuitos.

Description: It is a well protected beach, situated in a cove formed by two spikes that protect it from winds and swells. These dunes are made up of typical Mediterranean golden sands. It is found in a semi urban surrounding and attracts a medium crowd. It is located very close to one of the most luxurious ports of Europe, Puerto Banus. After a day of sun and sand you can hit the shops restaurants or numerous luxury clubs there.


Location: on the N 340, from Málaga, catch the bypass to Marbella. The beach is found next to the Rio Verde Estate and nailed in a zone with remainders of a Hispanic Roman village dating to the first century , situated only metres from symbolic estates of the area including Mezquita, Oasis, Marina Marbella and Puente Romano.

Services: Has showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols for rent, security towers, maritime rescue and first aid. It has chiringuitos and a paseo maritimo,

Description: This peaceful beach is popular for nautical sports due to the rescue services. The sands are golden, and fine. The area between the port and the river estuary is known as the beach of Puerto Banus.


Location: From auto via del Mediterraneo take the bypass to Marbella. Also you can take the old crossover from the N340 to El Ancon Estate.

Services: Showers and public utilities, bins, Volunteers from the Spanish Red Cross provide security, maritime rescue, first aid and lifeguards. There are two chiringuitos.

Description: The Ancón is an extension of Rio Verde. It has become a popular spot and attracts many tourists that enjoy the views, sand and sun as well as the finest of Spanish cuisine in luxury spots. The quality of the fine golden sands and the palm and pine trees are two of its main attractions not forgetting the lack of urbanization that is increasingly hard to find here on the Costa. Despite not having been rewarded the blue flag this year, it has all the services, and in addition you can find some fishing spots amongst the rocks.


Location: from auto via del Mediterraneo, take the bypass to Marbella. Subsequently, you take the old crossing of the N-340 in direction Algeciras to the change of direction at to the height of the hotel Marbella Club or Puenta Romano.

Services: Showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols for rent, security towers first aid and maritime rescue and beach security. On one side there is a place you can rent Jet Ski and kayaks etc. It has two beach clubs and chiringuitos.

Description: Is a very pleasant and extensive beach, with a lot of vegetation in the estates around. It is nestled between the hotels Marbella Club and Puente Romano, the beach of Nagüeles has become a place that combines a five star service with an extensive range of nautical sports, among them surfing jet skis and water bikes. It also has a very modern paseo maritimo.


Location: It is found in the centre of Marbella, between the Parque de la Constitution and the famous lighthouse on the paseo maritimo.

Services: The central beach of The Fontanilla has all the possible services. Very comfortable access for the disabled with ramps and runways to the beach. It has changing rooms, showers, toilets as well as area of trees and shade. It has a decorative Elephant fountain that form an oasis in the trees. Hammocks, parasols are numerous. There are security towers, chiringuitos for everyone to enjoy. All sports can also be practiced to the greatest of safety services.

Description: The length of this beach is of some 800 meters. It has been hugely regenerated lately by the Dep. Of Environment. Its sands are not original and not of the highest quality on the Marbella coast but it has the advantage of being in the heart of Marbella.It is frequented by hundreds of tourists daily due to its comfort and proximity to the metropolis that is Marbella and the modern paseo maritimo.It is always full so finding a nice spot may prove difficult. Many opt to rent a sunbed and parasol from one of the numerous chiringuitos. The area is packet with sports bars, restaurants shops and cafes.


Location: From the city centre continue on Ricardo Soriano and descend on Arias Moldonado, until Avenida Espana, just beside the Parque de la Constitution. It is recommended to leave the car here go further by foot.

Services: Has showers and public utilities, two oasis-like showers, sources of drinking water, playgrounds for the kids, parasols and sunbeds, security towers, lifeguards and first aid services. Windsurfers and water bikes can be found, along with two chiringuitos.

Description: The El Faro beach is flanked on one side by a spit which divides it from the port. It is 300 meters long, has golden original sand. It is located very centrally in Marbella thus it can get very busy, arrive early.


Location: From Marbella town centre, take the road to the beach just after Parque de la Alameda.

Services: Has showers and public utilities, hammocks, parasols, sunbeds, bins, security towers first aid and lifeguards. It has numerous playgrounds for the kids and three chiringuitos. Many waterspouts can be practiced along the half kilometre of beach.

Description: It is also found very centrally located, and thus has earned a family character. It has the Puerto Deportivo on one side which offers great views as well as the numerous palm trees that offer shadow.


Location: It is situated beside the Marbella fishing port on the Málaga side. Leaving Marbella just past the roundabout with a double ship fountain, before the Marbella Arch take a right towards the sea.

Services: Showers, hammocks, Oasis of palm trees with showers, Chiringuitos, It has marked lighting for watersports and maritime rescue services, it has all the services except changing rooms.

Description: El Cable is one of the most famous of Marbella, summer evenings brings concerts, clubs and entertainment almost nightly. Due to its proximity to the fishing port the waters can be dirty, but it is still a favourite amongst the locals. It has natural fine golden sands.


Location: Leaving Marbella in direction Málaga, just after joining the N340 take a right to the beach, at the hugh Coca Cola can. It has parking but it can get very busy.

Services: This beach has an amusement park attached, complete with Karting, videogames, billiards, amusement arcade and trampolines. There are two chiringuitos where you can hire Jet skis, Canoe etc. and of course sunbeds and parasols.

Description: Funny beach has natural fine sands and is over 3 kilometres in length. It extends to the estuary of Rio Real. It is flanked by trees and bushes; it is a family favourite,


Location: Direction Málaga on the N340 I take the exit Rio Real,

Services: Not many services exit, there is a chiringuitos with sunbeds and parasols.

Description: It is 2 km long and extends to Hotel de los Monteros. It is a continuation of Funny Beach.


Location: Leaving Marbella, direction Málaga, for only one kilometre. At Hospital Costa Del Sol, take the exit signed Playa El Alicate.

Services: It has chiringuitos, sunbeds rental, bins showers telephones, and water bike and Jet Ski rental. It has extensive parking, and only 200 meters away you can catch a bus to all the local facilities which include numerous Golf courses.

Description: The beaches El Alicate, Costabelli and Pinomar are one of the most visited beaches in Marbella. It extends for two kilometres and has fine sands and even better services. For one of the busiest beaches it is also one of the best cared for.


Location: On the N 340, in direction Málaga, take the Cabo Pino exit, Also you can find parking on the nearby terraces and access it by foot.

Services: It has public showers, bins, cleaning services, bus stop chiringuitos, parking, and the presence of the Red Cross and Civil Protection Agency

Description: Lies in a Bay and the historic remainders of Torre Ladrones gives it an ancient feel. It is the only Nudist beach this near to Marbella.It lies in the protected zone Las Dunes de Artola so there are few buildings along its length. A chiringuitos with sunbeds etc is found. It attracts a small to medium crowd in the summer.


Location: From Málaga, take The Auto Via del Mediterraneo, a bit before the city on the right you will clearly see some administration buildings concerning The Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol and the City Residential Leisure. At this point take the first bypass and descend towards the sea.

Services: You have showers and public utilities, paper, parasols and hammocks, security towers Lifesaving and first aid. It has numerous chiringuitos among them the world famous Nikki Beach. Watersports include windsurfing and water bikes. It lies adjacent to the five stars Hotel Carlos

Description: Real de Zaragoza is one of the longest in Marbella, 1.8 Km. It has fine firm golden sands and is nearly always full of young beach goers enjoying a five star breach service in the nearby chiringuitos.


Location: On the N340 from Málaga take the bypass to Marbella city centre; It lies beside the river of La Vibora

Services: Has showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols of rent, security towers and lifesaving and first aid, with a great paseo maritimo .It has two chiringuitos serving all the traditional dishes.

Description: This beach being only 650 metres in length is one of the shortest on the Costa, There are watersports practised but in general it forms a little hidden corner that can be enjoyed by all.


Location: It has its own exit off the n340 signed Las Chapas near the outskirts of Marbella, There is hardly any parking though, so it is advised leaving the car in the nearby estates and going on foot.

Services: The three km long beach is zones for watersports by beacons. It has chiringuitos of course with changing rooms. One near the Hotel Carlos and another on the other side near the river Siete Reveulvas.There is sunbeds and parasol rental, lifeguards and security towers supplied by the Red Cross.

Description: This beach has its natural fine golden sands perfect for the barefooted, it is one of those zones of the Marbella coast that seems unreal.


Location: On the N340 from Málaga, take the bypass to Marbesa.

Services: Has showers and public utilities, bins, hammocks and parasols for rent, security towers and lifeguards, first aid. And beach security. It has five chiringuitos no less. Scuba diving is the main sport practiced here.

Description: Las Canas is not the busiest of the beaches, it has golden fine sands and the waters are crystal clear perfect for the divers. It makes for a perfect tranquil spot to relax in the sun.

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