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Nerja Beaches - Malaga Beaches


Location: From Málaga via the N340 take the street Castilla Perez and then Avenida De Chanquete

Services: Is one of the traditional beaches of the Nerja coast, It has a vast array of services due to its high occupation., It has showers, footbaths, Civil Protection lifeguards, rescue, a public library if you’re a bit of a book worm, chiringuitos sunbeds, parasols and watersports rentals. It is zoned to divide the bathers from the Jet Ski and other watersports.

Description: It has earned a blue flag from the E. U. due to its impeccable services and cleanliness. The sands are cleaned daily and the waters are crystal clear. It has a paseo maritimo that extends to ruin s of a tower to the west.


Location: From auto via Del Mediterraneo, take the bypass to Nerja. Continue until the N340 crossover take aright to Calle de la Cruz and there is parking near the Paseo Nuevo. There is a pedestrian exit at Balcon De Europa where you can reach the beach.

Services: Sunbeds, parasols, security towers, Flags to indicate the state of the sea, Lifeguards and first aid, daily cleaning of sand, and chiringuitos.

Description: Surrounded by cliffs, El Salon is a very welcoming beach. The white dwelling near the beach date back five hundred years. According to popular local legend it gets its name from the expulsion of the Jews, when they left they used the word of farewell “Shalon”. The surroundings could be a work of Monet with the little houses and colourful landscape and the boats sailing to Nerja. A very peaceful paradise spot.


Location: from Málaga via auto via del Mediterraneo to Nerja , park in the town near Huertos de Carabeo, from here it’s a five minute stroll to the beach via La Casita Blanca y la del Bandito.

Services: Bins, Showers, security towers, lifeguards, first aid, safety flags chiringuitos.

Description: The beach of Carabeo is one of the pleasant and most romantic corners of the seaboard that surrounds the urban helmet of Nerja. This id a charismatic window on the Balcony of Europe. Its family environment ensures that it is always busy. Its cliffs are magnificent. Many poets chose to live here including Garcia Lorca and Jorge Guillen. It gets its name from a noble man from Naples Hernado Carabeo who participated in an assault in the area during the reign of FelipeII. History, sun, sea and sand unite for delight of the bathers.


Location: From Auto via del Med take the road to Nerja, take the crossover of the n340 and on the last roundabout along Avenida del Pescia take the road signposted Burriana. Services: Parking, public showers, security towers, first aid, lifeguards, rescue, sunbeds, parasols, telephones, playgrounds, volleyball nets, paseo maritimo, newsstands, chiringuitos.

Description: The most internationally renound of the area, surrounded by cliffs, in the summer becomes a gathering place for people from all corners of the world. It has The Paseo Maritimo of Antonio Haberdasher boasts dense vegetation, perfect for a stroll where one can enjoy the views of the cliffs of Carabeo. In the centre lies a pier where the fisherman can be seen using all the traditional method of catching the fruit of the sea.


Location: It is found at the foot of the great cliff of Nerja. From the N340 you will reach Maro. The highway access lies between tropical plantations and gardens. It is 55 km from Málaga and 5 from Nerja.

Services: A precious spot with all the necessary services. Showers, sunbeds parasols, Chiringuito “Las Palomas “, bins and cleaning attendants,

Description: The beach is small and welcoming. The beach is cleaned daily by the local mayor and chiringuitos, it is usually very crowded especially during the summer weekends, and it is flanked by cliffs and tropical woodlands.


Location: It is found in the historic quarter in the city centre of Nerja. It can be reached via Bajada de Calahonda which surrounds the Balcon de Europa on is western end. Via the Paseo maritimo from Gran Ataleya, it can also be reached from the beach El Salon. If coming by car it is advised to park in Paseo Nuevo and go five minutes by foot.

Services: It is very close to Nerja and all the services that go with the town. Sunbeds parasols, chiringuitos and Hotel Balcon De Europa.

Description: Its sand are very clean and tidy, and the waters crystal clear. It has a team of cleaners working at dawn. It is very small, under a hundred metres in length, yet it views characteristic of the Balcony of Europe are magnificent with the cliffs of Maro in the distance.


Location: From Málaga, in the direction of Almeria to Maro, along the n340 for four Km this cove lies. Park near the highway and walk to the beach.

Services: None, only parking next to the N-340, not a building to be seen in either direction. It extends for about 350 m; its sands are grey and fine.

Description: It is a wild nature reserve, formed by rustic cliffs, where the fishing eagles nest, an other indigenous birds as well as flora and fauna. You will feel like Robinson Crusoe of the 20th Century. Scuba divers also gather here because the sea also offers many spectacular views of fish molluscs, and marine life. It is a virtual paradise which we don’t see often enough, perfect for anybody looking to escape for a day. It even has a Sweetwater stream fit to drink from.


Location: 6 km from Nerja by the N340

Services: The access is totally pedestrian by small roads. Does not have any services, bring a packed lunch and watch the kids.

Description: virgin Beach, with difficult access. Is found in a natural Reserve, not often visited, only for the adventurous.


Location: By the Auto via Del Med to Maro seven beaches have rotating access except Del Pino, which can only be reached by foot. The Alberquillas has a no caravan restriction.

Services: Only exist in The Cañuelo, where there are three chiringuitos, baths showers, bins, toilets, cleaning attendants.

Description: Along the Costa del Sol this is the only place where such nature exits owed to the Cliff of Maro. Seven kilometres of bay, coves and small beaches, in the area of Nerja. The sands are cleaned regularly, The first beach of Alberquillas has its own sweet water source, lies at km 308 0n the N340, Playa del Pino is limited to foot access through the hills, on the limit Granada lies Canuelo at km 9 on the N340.


Location: from Málaga by auto via Del Med to Nerja, once you have passed an old bridge take Avenida Antonio Ferrandis Chanquete and park in Parque Verano Azul. And it’s a five minute stroll.

Services: Showers, Civil Protection, flag masts for safety, playgrounds, lifeguards, rescue and first aid.

Description: The Hotel to the north allows gives tourists a great stay, allowing for great hospitality on the beach front. There are plans for a paseo maritimo. Scuba divers collect here as well as many watersports lovers. A Torrecilla, (ruins of a tower ) dating to the 17th century, during the sugar cane plantation in the reign of Juan de Briones give it a historical touch.

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