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Velez Malaga - Malaga Beaches


Location: Direction Almeria on the N340, take the exit to the town of Coliches, to get to the beach you have to pass through numerous estates.
Services: sunbeds, parasols, Civil Protection, and Red Cross in the summer months, newsstands, chiringuitos.
Description: Beach of 2 kilometres in length, surrounded by residential housing, it has dark sands and moderate swell.


Location: by car, along the road from Nijas to Málaga, through the fields of cultivation to the same edge of the beach. Also the road Málaga-Torrox to the height of Torre del Mar to the new shopping centre Comercial El Ingenio, Then take the N340 to Málaga and the beach is only one minute from there, There is a nudist beach sign.
Services: Beach with scarce services.
Description: Long beach, largely unurbanized, 3.350 x 35 m. black sand medium grain, moderate swell, the beach is largely nudist, due to its privacy. The beach is flanked by farmlands from the river Velez to Torre Del Mar and Almayate Bajo.


Location: On the Auto via del Mediterraneo the knot of Velez, follow direction Torre del Mar, There is extensive parking near the paseo maritimo.
Services: offers all types of services: maritime-terrestrial caution by volunteers of Civil Protection, showers, footbath, daily cleaning, sunbeds parasols, playgrounds, watersports rentals,
Description: Is one of the most extensive beaches of all the oriental seaboard of the province with more than three kilometres of length and an enviable width: more than 100 meters in parts. It extends from Rio de Velez to Cala Velez on the other side. It is characterized by its fine black sands which are cleaned daily. The Paseo maritimo is one of its greatest attractions used by tourists to exercise or simply stroll along the beach. It has numerous chiringuitos, yet in contrast to the other beaches in the area it lacks ramp access.


Location: On the Auto via de Mediterraneo take exit 277 connecting with the old N340 and follow the Cala Velez sports or fishing port, you will arrive at the Lighthouse beach (El Faro)
Services: The beach of El Faro has extensive services, bins, cleaning services, Civil protection, footbaths, showers, volleyball areas, watersports faculties, not many sunbeds for rent, it does have an extensive paseo maritimo though.
Description: In the zone of the old lighthouse of Cala Velez there is a stoney beach. For the watersports enthusiasts it’s a favourite because of its extensive services and safety. The view of the fishing port adds certain colour to the seaboard. On the promenade there are numerous ice-cream parlours, restaurants and bars. The waters are very clean, on one side there is extensive playgrounds for the kids.


Location: From auto via de Mediterraneo take the exit to Algarrobo, follow the coast direction.
Services: Parking, public showers, footbath, security team, lifeguards and Civil Protection, maritime rescue, cleaning services, bins chiringuitos, and the bathing safety zone is marked with beacons
Description: The whole area of Algorrobo has only two kilometres of coast, one part The Mezquitilla is slightly over a half a Km, which is divided by a spit into two beaches. The spit is man made in an effort to minimize sand loss. On its western point lies the beach of Las Palermas, which in the spring undergoes regeneration with foreign sands. The others are Bau Hoffman and Centro Internacional; these are more extensive and reach a width of 50 m in parts. There are plans for a paseo maritimo but none exits as yet.


Location: Via de Auto via Del Mediterraneo take exit 277 connecting it to the old N340, the beach lies just past the bridge over the river Algarrobo. Another route is via the old N340 but it is considerably slower.
Services: Cleaning, bins, Civil Protection Security team, showers, footbaths, paseo maritimo volleyball nets, sunbeds, parasols, watersports area,
Description: A very stony beach sensitive to marine currents, there are days when is has a covering of sand and others when its just rocks, Bathing is painful without sandals or other foot protection... It’s of 700 m in length and oscillates from 20 to 40 in width.

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