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1st January
New year's day. National holiday.
5-6th January
The procession of the 3 Holy Kings. In Spain this act is celebrated with big parades for children where various famous people get the "honor" to play one of the 3 kings. On the morning of the 6th of January is when the children receive their gifts.
From the 23rd February
Carnival. The yearly carnival is celebrated all over Spain with events like parades, mask and costume parties.
28th February
Day of Andalusia. A state holiday throughout Andalusia.
1st May
International Labor day. A national holiday in Spain.
3rd May
Las Cruces de Mayo. This day is celebrated (principally in Granada) with competitions in decorating the most beautiful cross with flowers, but is not a holiday in Málaga.
18th of June
Corpus Christi. This is a religious event celebrated with processions in the center, but is not a holiday.
23rd of June
San Juan. San Juan is the longest day of the year and is celebrated with campfires and parties on the beach. (not a holiday)
16th July
Virgen del Carmen. Virgen del Carmen is the patron of the sea and previously used to be a holiday in Málaga.
Middle August
The traditional summer city festival "Feria de Agosto". La Feria is a weeklong town festival, which is celebrated during the daytime in the town center and during night in an open square in the outsides of Málaga. The main objective is to have fun and people are dancing, singing, eating, and drinking in the many tents all over the Feria square. In la Feria you can also find horse parades, flamenco concerts and locals in traditional regional dresses.
15th August
Asunción de la Virgen. This is a national holiday celebrating one of the patrons of Spain. of Catilla. This is a local holiday in the province of Málaga.
8th September
Virgen de la Victoria. Local holiday in the capital of Málaga.
12th of October
Dia del Hispanidad. This is a national holiday with official parades celebrating "being Spanish".
1st of November
All Saints day. National holiday in Spain. Halloween is celebrated in some places in Málaga but it is not a Spanish tradition.
6th December
Constitution day in Spain. This is a National holiday, but is only celebrated with official events.
8th December
Imaculada Concepción. This is a national holiday celebrating the patron of Spain, la Imaculada Concepción.
25th December
Christmas day. National holiday.
28th December
Los Santos Inocentes. Apart from being the day where people makes jokes upon each other (like 1st April in many other countries), this is celebrated with Flamenco dancing and other festivities in Málaga.

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