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The city of Marbella is a marvellous city situated right in the middle of the Costa del Sol.
Its origins date from all the way back to 1600 BC., when it was founded by the Romans and called 'Salduba', a settlement on the 'Via Augusta'. In the year 711 the Moors invaded and conquered much of the Iberian Peninsula and under their rule Marbella became a prosperous town called 'Marbi-la'.

It's architecture took on a typically Moorish Mediterranean style, but after 1485 when the Catholic Kings entered the city Marbella became more 'Castellano' in appearance, and it was probably during this period that the name 'Marbella' originated.

Throughout its long history Marbella has offered its visitors a typical Andalucian flavour, with narrow little streets, whitewashed houses, town squares decorated with flowers and the warm blue Mediterranean lapping at its beaches.

Today its economy is based on welcoming thousands of tourists and offering them lovely beaches, countless golf courses, world renowned yacht harbours, beautiful natural surroundings, luxury hotels, shopping centers and a vibrant nightlife.

There're so many ways of enjoying yourself in Marbella that life here takes on a different meaning.
Thanks to its micro climate, its incomparable accommodations and communications plus sports facilities - and of course the warm hospitability of its people - Marbella is an ideal place to come for a holiday, a business meeting or a combination of the 2.

Visitors find themselves only a short distance from fascinating age-old cities like Málaga, Granada and Sevilla, nor is it far from Algeciras, gateway to Africa. Moreover, thanks to excellent highways, nearby airport in Málaga and Gibraltar at its own prestigious yacht harbours, Marbella is easy to reach by car, plane and boat.

Due to its geographic location and the sierra ranges which protect it, the town enjoys a special microclimate with balmy weather in both winter and summer alike. The average year-round temperature is 19° C and there are 322 days of sunshine.

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